The Second copy: 2045 is a conceptual performance featuring a documentary made in the year 2045, where political conflicts have changed the world to a degree that only memories of art remain. The artist looks back on the dynamics of contemporary Moroccan art and takes the audience to an ambiguous space between realism and fiction. In this performance, language, movements and images no longer abide by a logical system, but are able to exchange and interact. The goal is to construct a new environment that is open to experimentation through interaction with the audience.
  • Country: Morrocco
  • Genre: Conceptual Performance
  • Duration: 45 mins
  •  Language: English with Arabic subtitles

Youness Atbane’s first performance.

“There is something intriguing about his attempts to see the present with the eyes of the future.” - The Scotsman.


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Ross Weaver / Producer

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James Franco / Producer