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The better part of this decade has seen a number of new chapters added to world history, with armed conflicts and extremist currents taking hold of entire regions. Nowhere is this felt more clearly than in the Arab world, which has become the site of ongoing struggles over power and ideology.

We believe that Arts and culture can act as a vehicle for resistance and change amidst this scattered reality. The arts are humanity’s way of asserting its right to freedom through the expression of individuality. Perhaps equally important is how art can encourage non-reductive discourses and adjust negative stereotypes, in this case concerning the Arab world. Art opens the door to mutual understanding at a time when it is needed the most.

As a result, Studio Emad Eddin Foundation took it upon itself to create the Arab Arts Focus operating on three main tiers:

⁃ Organizing Arab performing arts showcases both locally and internationally
⁃ Producing works of established Arab artists regardless of their place of residence and in collaboration with international festivals and theaters.
⁃ Creating a distribution catalog of performances by remarkable Arab artists and using the proceeds to support their tours in the Arab world.

6 International & Local Showcases over the past four years
4 Showcases in Egypt in 2014, 2016 and 2018
1 Showcase in Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017
1 Showcase in Festival D’Avignon Le OFF in 2018
A catalog of 12 Arab Dance & Theater performances
Coproducing 3 Contemporary Dance Performances & 1 theater Performance in 2018

Upcoming Showcases:
2 Showcases in Latin America in 2020

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